24″ High Seat Chaise Lounge Chair (Sling)

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Buy 3 or more, only $250 (each) + shipping

Sit in Comfort and stand with Ease. The highest chaise lounge chair on the Market. Customize your own with so many options to choose from. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks.

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  • 201 White
  • 202 Vanilla
  • 203 Yellow
  • 204 Citron Yellow
  • 205 Driftwood
  • 206 Camel
  • 209 Terracotta
  • 212 Dark Green
  • 215 French Blue
  • 216 Royal Blue
  • 217 Navy Blue
  • 219 Grey
  • 221 Gloss Black
  • 224 Ivory
  • 227 Jade Green
  • 230 Clover
  • 231 Leisure Brown
  • 232 Adobe
  • 236 Burgundy
  • 237 Putty
  • 238 Coffee
  • 239 Mistletoe
  • 242 Papaya
  • 246 Holly Green
  • 248 Sherwood Green
  • 249 Deepwater Blue
  • 251 Forest Green
  • 252 Dove
  • Anodized silver
  • Texture - Black
  • Texture - Bronze Age
  • Texture - Graphite
  • Texture - Luna
  • Texture - Penny Vein
  • Texture - Pewter Crater
  • Texture - Sahara
  • Texture - Sandstone
  • Texture - Speckled Oak
  • Texture - Weather Vein
  • Texture - Weathergreen
  • Texture - White
  • Aquafino
  • Balsa
  • Black Plus
  • Cane Wicker Aluminum
  • Chesterfield
  • Coast Line Peacock
  • Coral Topaz
  • Cordoba
  • Delray Stripe Conch
  • Delray Stripe Kiwi
  • Delray Stripe Poolside
  • Desert
  • Driftwood
  • Dupioni Kiwi
  • Dupioni Poolside
  • Dupioni Saphire
  • Dupioni Spice
  • Durango
  • Elizabeth
  • Fern Dance
  • Forest Abby
  • Forest Cafe
  • Forest Green Plus
  • Forest Pebble
  • Fresco
  • Green Garden Plus
  • Island Palms Sadat
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Madera Natural
  • Montego Bay
  • Natura Natural
  • Navy Plus
  • Oga White Oyster
  • Plata
  • Pulse Dahlia
  • Raffia Natural
  • Raffia Pecan
  • Raw Linen II
  • Red Wood
  • Royal Blue Plus
  • Salsa Shade
  • Sand Plus
  • Santiago Stripe
  • Seabreeze
  • Shelbourne Taupe
  • Sierra Sands
  • Snappy
  • Spa Stripe
  • Straw Mat Cognac
  • Stripe Sienna
  • Sumba Mocha
  • Teal Shade
  • Tropical Foliage
  • Tropico
  • Turquesa
  • Valencia Blue
  • Veranda Nutmeg
  • Verde
  • White Plus

5 reviews for 24″ High Seat Chaise Lounge Chair (Sling)


    I purchased 2 sling High Chaise lounge chairs and they are absolutely wonderful. I live on the water in Eastern North Carolina and we have a problem with rust, but these chairs have NOT rusted at all. They have been outside for over one year and still look brand new! The amount of colors you can choose for both the base and the sling are astounding! They are extremely comfortable and easy to get on and off. I had a total knee replacement and still have difficulty with mobility and these chaise lounges has allowed me to enjoy the outside comfortably and with ease. The packaging was amazing! They were shipped with many safeguards to prevent denting. I was very impressed with the care in making sure that I was satisfied, from ordering until delivery. I will be ordering more!

  2. Marshall Ruffin

    These are fine chairs and well worth the investment. We take them to the beach in front of our house and we bring they back in the evening so we can sit on them outside our house. They are very comfortable and easy to get into and out of. I recommend them.

  3. Lilli Bean

    I am so thankful that I found this website. Being handicapped put an end to many pleasures once taken for granted. Maybe enjoying the outdoors was what I missed most. These 24″ chaises are mind, body and soul savers. No exaggeration there. Both slings and straps are used often. My nine siblings are in various degrees of ‘decline’ — all being over 80 and visit more often now. If I bought five more we could play musical chairs…well, maybe not.

    The quality was way better than I imagined. As a previous comment said the packaging was impressive. Not even a corner of the cartons had a dent! I love the colors, the mobility, the design, the comfort AND my renewed lease on life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Bonnie

    We love our new chairs! They are the perfect height for both of us to get up and down easily. I am 5’2” and I have had bilateral knee replacements. My husband is 6’2” and has arthritis in his knees. These chairs have made it possible to enjoy sitting on our back deck again.

  5. Linda Blosser

    We bought 2 of them this year and absolutely love them Very sturdy and comfortable

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Buy 3 or more, only $250 (each) + shipping

Sit in Comfort and stand with Ease. The highest chaise lounge chair on the Market. Customize your own with so many options to choose from. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks.

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Weight30 lbs
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201 White, 202 Vanilla, 203 Yellow, 204 Citron Yellow, 205 Driftwood, 206 Camel, 209 Terracotta, 212 Dark Green, 215 French Blue, 216 Royal Blue, 217 Navy Blue, 219 Grey, 221 Gloss Black, 224 Ivory, 227 Jade Green, 230 Clover, 231 Leisure Brown, 232 Adobe, 236 Burgundy, 237 Putty, 238 Coffee, 239 Mistletoe, 242 Papaya, 246 Holly Green, 248 Sherwood Green, 249 Deepwater Blue, 251 Forest Green, 252 Dove, Anodized silver, Texture – Black, Texture – Bronze Age, Texture – Graphite, Texture – Luna, Texture – Penny Vein, Texture – Pewter Crater, Texture – Sahara, Texture – Sandstone, Texture – Speckled Oak, Texture – Weather Vein, Texture – Weathergreen, Texture – White


Aquafino, Balsa, Black Plus, Cane Wicker Aluminum, Chesterfield, Coast Line Peacock, Coral Topaz, Cordoba, Delray Stripe Conch, Delray Stripe Kiwi, Delray Stripe Poolside, Desert, Driftwood, Dupioni Kiwi, Dupioni Poolside, Dupioni Saphire, Dupioni Spice, Durango, Elizabeth, Fern Dance, Forest Abby, Forest Cafe, Forest Green Plus, Forest Pebble, Fresco, Green Garden Plus, Island Palms Sadat, Lemon Yellow, Madera Natural, Montego Bay, Natura Natural, Navy Plus, Oga White Oyster, Plata, Pulse Dahlia, Raffia Natural, Raffia Pecan, Raw Linen II, Red Wood, Royal Blue Plus, Salsa Shade, Sand Plus, Santiago Stripe, Seabreeze, Shelbourne Taupe, Sierra Sands, Snappy, Spa Stripe, Straw Mat Cognac, Stripe Sienna, Sumba Mocha, Teal Shade, Tropical Foliage, Tropico, Turquesa, Valencia Blue, Veranda Nutmeg, Verde, White Plus