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It’s about you!

Martin Furniture Designs operates on a basic need to fulfill a place in the outdoor furniture market. We take into consideration the fact that people are getting older and therefore aren’t as flexible and nimble as they were at a younger age.

Our research shows the optimal chaise chair height from the average height of a man (5’9”) and the average height of a woman (5’4”) averaged at 5’.6”. We take this measurement and measurements of the average inseam, add 1.5” plus the average length from the inside of the knee to the ball of the foot. This equation gives us the height of our seat on our chaise lounge chair at 24”- 25”. Therefore this seat height allows a person of average height to fully dangle their legs over the side of our chaise lounge chair just before standing.

The mechanics we use to develop our products are significantly different from our competitors. These scientific considerations are what make Martin Furniture Designs Inc. an innovator in creating outdoor furniture that works for you… the customer.

We realize there is a need for unique and more useful, practical outdoor poolside, patio, lawn, side table that Martin Furniture Designs Inc. has developed to be released in the near future. Our new style cutting edge side table will complement our innovative 24” high strapped aluminum adjustable chaise lounge chair. Our side table works great with any chaise lounge chair height.

Martin Furniture Designs founder Mike Martin

Mike Martin, President & CEO
Martin Furniture Designs Inc.

I’d like to give something back to the world.

Something simple that can be used by everyone.

The Martin™ Design Process

The design process starts with innovative furniture designs which Mike Martin brainstorms and sketches. These ideas then go to an engineering firm who draws up precise CAD files for prototyping. In addition engineer’s files receive Mike’s approval before prototypes go into production.

It can take several months after this stage to get the details exactly as Mike envisions. He stays as close to the engineering designs for every detail and every angle. After this a tool and dye maker runs the buckle test in their solid works program. Consequently there is plenty of trial and error before the final designs are ready for mass production.

Meanwhile a patent attorney performs patent searches to make sure there are no other patents pending for furniture like our high chaise lounge chair and upcoming furniture designs. The attorney is sent sketches to reference for the patent search. Most noteworthy, the attorney has discovered there are no other design or utility patents like the ones we now have.

The most difficult part of building The Martin™ High Chaise Lounge Chair was finding a bender who didn’t have to anneal the aluminum. Thousands of man hours go into this scale of high quality furniture design. Finally we are proud to introduce our innovative designs to the public.

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