Birth of a High Seat Chaise Lounge Chair...

My friend was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was in her 50’s…

Her spirits were always high and she never lost that zest for life that makes us all special even though she had limited mobility not being able to participate in the activities she enjoyed the most.

One of the things she enjoyed doing was sitting outside in the wonderful Palm Springs weather in the privacy of her lemon tree and grass filled yard gazing at the beautiful mountain view and hanging out with friends. Her house was so close to the mountains you could practically touch them.

My friends name was Huey and she was loved by many.

One of her friends that knew how much she enjoyed sitting outside welded an additional base on two of her chaise lounge chairs that increased the height of the chair which made it much easier for her to get from her wheel chair to the comfort of her chaise without any help which allowed her to maintain her independence.

When I saw how happy this increased chair height made her I told her we need to share this with others who may need this same kind of assisted freedom. We need to make more of these chairs so other people who are having similar difficulties trying to sit on a low chaise lounge chair could enjoy a higher more accessible outdoor garden/lawn/pool chair where a person can stretch out in a more comfortable way.

Unfortunately, a few years later my friend Huey passed away.

A High Seat Chaise Lounge Chair is Born…

I moved to another state and found myself ensconced in trying to make a living and taking care of my family as best as I knew how. Several years went by before I lost my job and I finally made up my mind to build high seat Chaise Lounge Chairs that could be used by many.

The Martin™ High Seat Chaise Lounge Chair accessible and standing out from the regular chaise loungesThis is the type of Chaise Lounge Chair that people of multiple disabilities or no disabilities can enjoy.

If it’s difficult to bend your knees to crouch down or difficult to stand up once you are in a crouched position this chair will work for you.

Now, we have a Chaise Lounge Chair where you can sit in comfort and stand with ease.

Thank you Huey, we miss you.

Michael Martin, Martin Furniture Designs Inc.

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